Peter Beck - Theatre Director and Actor 



Directing - Recent Theatre Work

Peter has directed for a number of small and mid-scale theatre companies, for festivals, new writing initiatives, live art and site-specific performances, youth theatre companies, interactive actor-led gallery tours and commercial projects.

His recent theatre work includes:


'Father & Son: Son & Father' by Revd. Neville Boundy

The Hostry Festival 2011 / PBSK Partnership

A Rehearsed Reading      

Cast: Peter Ellis & Chris Ellis

Norwich Cathedral Hostry

Production images by Robin Watson, reproduced by kind permission of PBSK Partnership


After-show discussion presented by Louise Priest (BBC Look East)



'Blue Remembered Hills' by Dennis Potter 

Westacre Theatre 2010

"Fine production of harrowing and amusing play. The child characters are, as Potter intended, played by young adults who captured superbly the childish behaviour, mannerisms and emotions of the youngsters in their rural surroundings, depicted by a stark and grubby but highly effective set. They (the actors) maintained without a second's lapse the quirks of each of their characters. From their scrapping and sometimes aggressive fighting, through the taunting and bullying, to the tender moments when they shared mutual grief and supported each other, the emotion of their performances was palpable. All credit to Peter Beck who designed and directed this heart-rending production.

Alison Croose, Eastern Daily Press 

"Laughter, tea and memories from a talented bunch. The 'children' worked well as a team in this extraordinary space that is the round at Westacre, making this production all the more intimate. We laughed with them, we cried with them, we were whisked back to our childhoods. I understand director Peter Beck allowed the actors to take themselves back to their own childhoods for added realism and depth - and it showed. The energy and vibe generated was notable, particularly as the play reached its tragic conclusion. It was haunting and worked brilliantly"

Sarah Lucas, Lynn News

Production images by Peter Beck





'Man Is Man' by Bertolt Brecht

Theatre Paradisum 2010

Norwich Playhouse

"The young all-female cast (another Brechtian angle) tackle the play with gusto and obvious relish, demonstrating the characters as Brecht demanded. Theatre Paradisum are building a credible Brechtian expertise and this early but substantial piece from the master's extensive catalogue is a quality work. Lucy Enskat is powerful as the canteen proprietess, an early version of Mother Courage. Director Peter Beck's passion for Brechtian theory is put into excellent practice, in a rewarding, challenging evening"                                                                                             

David Porter, Eastern Daily Press


"The all-female cast were superb, a real sense of unity. They changed easily between their different roles and performed each one wonderfully, in particular Ashley Booth who played Galy Gay"

Gill Dean, Future Radio

Production images by Dave Guttridge